IP68 PU LED Neon-Flex

  • IP68 PU LED Neon Sideview 12x20mm
  • IP68 PU LED Neon Sideview 12x20mm
IP68 PU LED Neon Sideview 12x20mm IP68 PU LED Neon Sideview 12x20mm

IP68 PU LED Neon Sideview 12x20mm

  • Cross section size: 12x20mm(WXH)
  • Power/m: 5W,10W and 15W for options
  • Input Voltage: DC24V
  • CRI: 90
  • Bending direction: Horizontal bending
  • IP grade: IP68

IP68 PU LED Neon-Flex Features:

* Real IP68 with Polyurethane encapsulation, chloric resistant,,can be used underwater,especially interesting for IP68 

   applications .Swimming pools and yachting industry and so on

PU Neon-flex is anti-UV,No yellowish, No breakage, No smelling, Solvents and seawater resistant

* DC24V.RA90,Philips brand Lumileds2835 2-Step Mac-Adam LED bin with perfect color consistency from order to order and 

  dot free lighting effect

*  Special plug design, seamless joint to achieve perfect long line

*  Available in size of 16*15MM,10*10mm ( Vertical bending ), 12*20mm ,6*12mm ( Horizontal bending )

*  Various of colors from white,dual white, RGB and RGBW

Applications :

Excellent for beach residence, Swimming pools and yachting industry,high-end hotels lighting

Ideal for stylish restaurants, shopping malls and airports

Professional solution for architectural & facade lighting

Bars,towers,amusement park, aquarium anywhere need direct lighting 

Dimension structure


Technical Data

Model   NumberProduct CCT   RangeRaWorking VoltageW/MLM/MtrMin.cutting   lengthMax.length in   series connection
MGS-PUSV1220V24W15-2500K2350-2650K>90DC24V CC15W600lm41.67mm12m single power   input
MGS-PUSV1220V24W15-2700K2550-2850K>90DC24V CC15W654lm41.67mm12m single power   input
MGS-PUSV1220V24W15-3000K2800-3200K>90DC24V CC15W682lm41.67mm12m single power   input
MGS-PUSV1220V24W15-3500K3300-3700K>90DC24V CC15W697lm41.67mm12m single power   input
MGS-PUSV1220V24W15-4000K3700-4300K>90DC24V CC15W691lm41.67mm12m single power   input
MGS-PUSV1220V24W15-4500K4100-4900K>90DC24V CC15W698lm41.67mm12m single power   input
MGS-PUSV1220V24W15-5700K5200-6200K>90DC24V CC15W639lm41.67mm12m single power   input
MGS-PUSV1220V24-CCT2700+6500K>90DC24V15W548lm50mm5m single power input
MGS-PUSV1220V24-RGBRGB/DC24V15W258lm71.43mm5m single power input




/DC24V15W360-370lm71.43mm5m single power input

Model   NumberProduct CCTRaWorking VoltageW/MLM/MMin.cutting   lengthMax.length in   series connection
MGS-PUSV1220V24W10-2500K2350-2650K>90DC24V CC10W400lm41.67mm16m single power   input
MGS-PUSV1220V24W10-2700K2550-2850K>90DC24V CC10W430lm41.67mm16m single power   input
MGS-PUSV1220V24W10-3000K2800-3200K>90DC24V CC10W439lm41.67mm16m single power   input
MGS-PUSV1220V24W10-3500K3300-3700K>90DC24V CC10W471lm41.67mm16m single power   input
MGS-PUSV1220V24W10-4000K3700-4300K>90DC24V CC10W462lm41.67mm16m single power   input
MGS-PUSV1220V24W10-4500K4100-4900K>90DC24V CC10W456lm41.67mm16m single power   input
MGS-PUSV1220V24W10-5700K5200-6200K>90DC24V CC10W420lm41.67mm16m single power   input

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